Let’s keep things fun.

We ask you to always bet sensibly, and within your budget. To help you stay in control, you can specify a daily, weekly or monthly deposit limit. Once set, we will warn you when you’re trying to deposit more than your limit, whether online or on your mobile. And whenever you withdraw, we’ll make sure that’s reflected in your remaining limit. If you increase the amount or frequency (making the limit less restrictive), it will not take effect for 24 hours. Decreases take immediate effect.
All of us here at Paddy Power want betting and gaming to be fun. A way to socialise, a chance to prove your powers of foresight to your mates, with the bonus of a little cash if and when you win.

What we don’t want, is for betting or gaming to have a damaging effect on people’s lives. Harmful play has no place in our business, and we’re proactive about supporting players who need help.

So we’ve made some easy-to-use tests and tools, to help you spot a problem early on – whether it’s you or a friend.

Have a look, and keep yourself aware – if it’s not fun, take action to control your play.